Simply play a track in iTunes, and it will display the current tag information within QuickTag.

Select a new genre for the track, set a star rating, and then pick a category and check off the attributes you would like for the track.

The new track comments are previewed in the bottom of the window. Click apply to save the changes.

If you make a mistake, you can click revert to go back to the original tag values.
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Use the preferences window to specify your own genres, categories and attributes.

If you already have a large list of genres in iTunes, you can click import to pull in the existing list of genres that you use.
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The tagging preferences window allows you to specify how you would like the new track tags to be written.

Delimiters can be added to each different tag element. These allow you to precisely search for items tagged with QuickTag.

For example, if a track has a genre tag of (House), you can search for (House) (with the parenthesis), and only get entries that you know you have tagged with QuickTag.

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