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QuickTag is a companion for Apple iTunes which allows anyone to easily add additional descriptive tags to tracks in their library.

These tags can be used in iTunes along with iTunes smart playlists to provide a powerful music organization system.

Written initially for DJ's (but usable by anyone with a large music collection), QuickTag provides a quick and easy solution to the daunting task of categorizing and organizing tracks.
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  • Simple - quick to use
  • Works with any audio format supported in iTunes
  • Allows any number of custom genres to be created, along with 8 categories and 18 attributes
  • Existing genres can be imported from iTunes
  • An additional tag line can be added to all tagged tracks
  • Configurable options for tag format
  • Selectable 5-star rating for each track
  • All track tags may be added with delimiters, allowing for precise searching within iTunes Smart Playlists or other applications
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